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I have been working with Mrs. LeShaunda Rockett-Dixon for the last several months and she has done wonders for me and my mental health. She encourages me to be a better version of myself every day and has instilled me with so much more confidence than I ever thought possible. I've never had a therapist who made me feel like I was talking with an old-time friend, and she certainly took on that role with ease. She makes herself very personable and relatable which helps me open-up and allows me to just be myself without fear of any judgement. I now look forward to therapy appointments and make my mental health a priority thanks to her.”

~Ms. Anonymous~

"I was nervous to start therapy at first, mainly because I didn't know what to say or how to say it. But Mrs. Rockett-Dixon helped me through it tremendously and eased my insecurities with therapy and helped me with my anxiety!"

~Mr. J.~

"This was my first time in therapy and Mrs. Rockett-Dixon immediately made me feel comfortable and always ensured that I was heard and able to express myself. In my time with her, she helped me work through personal issues and trauma in a productive and introspective manner. My mental health has greatly benefited and I’ve learned new techniques for how to deal with intrusive and repressed thoughts and emotions." ~Ms. C.~

"Mrs. Rockett-Dixon has been amazing to work with and I truly grateful to have met her and to continue on my journey and she helps me navigate through life better. Prior to working with Mrs. Rockett- Dixon, I have attempted to find multiple therapists that could help me with my life problems and how I can better react to them and no one has been successful until working with her. Mrs. Rockett- Dixon uses a very kind and compassionate approach when working with me and definitely makes you feel like you are talking to a friend. Thank you Mrs. Rockett-Dixon, I really appreciate your effort and kindness, and always look forward to our appointments."           

~Ms. S.~

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